Choosing Right Printer

on 08 February 2011

This is the right article for you if you are planning to buy a printer. But this article is not just for one who wants to buy a printer. Actually this is more for one who wants information on how to choose the right printer with the correct features for certain purpose. So lets get started quickly.

Whether you are a  an advertiser, a graphic artist, photographer, business man or a computer geek it is certain that you will need a printer. Printing is connected with mostly all people. Digital screens can never provide the richness of paper medium. Choosing the right medium for printing is extremely important. Whether its about choosing the paper or the printer.


Types of printers available in market:

  1. Inkjet Printer
  2. Laser Printer
  3. LED Printer (LED printers are the next generation Laser printers. Check out the difference: LED vs Laser Printer.)
  4. Photo Printer
  5. Dot - Matrix Printer (Outdated, still used at some places for billing work.)
Many other types of printer are also available but we are least concerned about them.

For Small Business or Home:

You need a color inkjet printer. A MFD ( Multi Functioning Device) suits best for a office. It is a office machine that includes various functions in one single device such as Printing, scanning, Copying, Fax etc. This costs you around 100$.

For Photography Enthusiasts:

You need a Photo Printer. Photo printer/Dye sublimation can give you very good quality printouts with the accurate and rich colors. Dye sublimation is a specialized type of printer that uses a thermal process and special paper to create glossy prints that look and feel like they came from a traditional photo lab. This will cost you around 100$ but large format printers can be too expensive.

For Big Organizations or Institutes, Advertising agencies or Large Offices:

You need a Laser/LED Printer. This suits you best as for you color is not a priority, speed and good quality prints are. The range of monochrome (black and white) printers starts from around 250$ while price of a good color laser printer can be around 1000$ - 2000$.

Features to keep in mind while buying a printer:

  1. Resolution
  2. Pages per minute (PPM)
  3. Number of cartridges (inkjet printers, only)
  4. Photo quality
  5. Media support
  6. PictBridge (A technology used to connect a digital camera directly to a printer, without a computer.)
  7. Network connectivity (wired or wireless)
  8. Memory
  9. LCD screen

If you have any queries related which printer to buy then feel free to comment below.


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