Rename Multiple Files in Windows

on 11 September 2010

We often get into situations where we need to rename multiple files. It is very laborious to rename multiple files one by one. So in this article I am going to show you how to rename multiple files at once quickly and easily which works both in Windows xp and Windows 7.

Method 1

Using this method you can rename your all files with a new file name followed by a number added sequentially to the end of each file. This method works in both windows xp and windows 7.

Select all files you want to rename. If you want to rename all the files in a folder press Ctrl + a to select all the files. Now Press F2 and rename one of those files to something else. All the selected files will get renamed to the new file name (plus a number added to the end). e.g. file(1),file(2),file(3) etc…

Method 2

Use this method if you want to quickly rename files but want to rename each file to a specific name/different name. (i.e. You don't want each file having same name and a sequential number attached to it like in previous method.)

When you rename a file in Windows you hit enter after you type in the new file name. However if you hit the Tab key instead it will quickly move onto the next file and allow you to rename that file immediately. Then you can keep hitting tab and go through all the different files and quickly rename them. This works in Windows 7.


Anonymous said...

Well, the first method you've suggested here seems to be something useful, but the second method you've listed would be known to anyone who uses a computer!

raymond said...

Well, I've been using computer for a while but didn't know about this!
I suppose I'm one of those guys who know just a little, among others who know a lot ...

So Akash, my gratitude is huge for the tips :-)

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