How to Make an Effective Blog or Website

You want more traffic on your blog. You want to be famous in this blogging world. You want a higher page rank. You want to monetize from blogging. But have you ever asked yourself whether your blog is effective and it deserves all this?

Facebook Biography

We are quit familiar with Facebook. It is social networking service and Web site launched in February 2004. Facebook is the largest social network on the web. Since it's launch it is gaining enormous popularity and is has become the 2nd most popular site in the world after Google. Let us discover in-depth biography of facebook.

How to Increase Blog Loading Speed | Optimization Tips

If you have any queries like "How to increase my blog speed" or "How to make my blog load faster". These are the perfect solutions for you. Many search engines including Google, consider the page speed performance as an important aspect in SEO.

Information Technology | Advantages of IT

We hear the word Information Technology very often nowadays. Some people think that it is something about creating software. Well, it is not perfectly correct because there is more to IT than just software. Let us understand what does information technology or simply I.T. means?

Installing Linux in Windows using VirtualBox

Do you hate dual-boots? Dual-boot or Multi-booting is installing multiple operating systems on a computer, and choosing which one to boot when starting the computer. I really hate it. I only keep one OS on my machine i.e. Windows. But what if some situation arises when we have to use any other OS like Linux?