45 C Language Programs List for Exam Preparation

These are the programs which are very likely to come in practical examinations. This a very useful list of C language program examples for practice(Exam Preparation) as it covers most of the C language syllabus. Its very helpful for students pursuing BCA, MCA, MSC(IT), CE, Computer Science, B.Tech(IT) etc.

Additional ALT Codes

In the previous article about ALT Codes information like what are ALT codes?, how to use them? and a list of 255 ALT codes has been given. This are some additional ALT codes:

YouTube Amazing Facts

We all are very much familiar with Youtube, for those who don't know YouTube is a video-sharing website on which users can upload, share, and view videos. I am unveiling some of the most interesting and amazing facts about youtube.com here.

Find IP address of the sender in Gmail

So you want to find the IP address of the sender in Gmail. When we receive an email, we receive more information than just the mail. The email comes with headers that carry important information like internet protocol address that can tell where the email was sent from and possibly who sent it.

How to Zoom Webpages in Google Chrome

It is very frustrating to read contents of a websites having small font size. There are two easy ways in which you can easily zoom webpages in Google chrome web browser.

ALT Codes List (all symbols and special character codes)

On computers running the Microsoft Windows or DOS operating systems, symbols or special characters like ♥, ♣, ♠, •, ◘ etc (which are not available as keys in a common keyboard) can be typed using an Alt code: pressing and holding the Alt key while entering a character code with the keyboard's numeric keypad.

LED vs Laser Printer

An LED printer is a type of next generation laser computer printer. An array of solid state light-emitting diode as a light source is used in the print head of LED printer. The print head flashes light across the entire page width and creates the image on the print drum or belt as it moves past. An entire line of dots is created at the same time.

Invite All Friends to Facebook Group/Page

This is really frustrating for not being able to suggest or invite a facebook group, fan page or application profile page to all your facebook contacts in one click. How do you feel to select 500 friends with 500 mouse click?

Infolinks Review - In Text Advertising

"Infolinks is a pay per click In Text Advertising with the most relevant contextual advertising links and the highest revenue share guaranteed." This is what they say. But is it really good? Let us check out it's review.

Check When Website Last Updated

It can be very useful for us to know when the website was last updated, that is whether new posts are posted or content of the page is updated. We can find webpage's recently updated date and time with a simple trick.

Post to your Blogger Blog from any Webpage

This  is a Google Chrome Blogger extension which lets you post to your blog from any webpage with just one click.

Disadvantages Of Disabling Text Selection And Right Click

Previously I wrote an article: Disable text selection and right click using JavaScript Code. But I hate websites or blogs with right click and text selection disabled. It really sucks.

Load Multiple YouTube Videos In One Screen - Psykotube

Psykotube is a Web site that loads multiple YouTube videos in one screen, you can play them simultaneously or even choose one to watch them in full screen.

How to Speed up your PC by this simple RAM Tweak

Well this is a little tut or in other terms a simple trick or a tweak. If you’ve been running a large application (or several large applications, maybe a game, Photoshop, something like that) the RAM can get taken up quickly. Even when you close down these programs, RAM can still be eaten-up.

Shutdown Computer With Command Prompt

Sometime back I posted a trick on how to open command prompt on right click. Again I am going to show a trick on command prompt i.e how to shutdown a computer using command prompt on windows.

Hide Recently Opened Files and Programs From Start Menu

Windows save list of recently opened files and show them in start menu. Its very convinient to find files. But if you want some privacy, if you don't want others to see which files and programs you opened than you can hide recent files.

Google Gravity

Google Gravity is a super cool Google Chrome experiment. Initially a normal Google home page is loaded and then suddenly the elements are pulled down by gravity and you can start tossing them around!

Disable text selection and right click using JavaScript Code

You created a nice website or a blog by working on it for hours, but did you thought that what if somebody copies your content? At least I thought about it when I created this blog. I don't want someone else to eat the fruits of the tree which I planted & nourished. The only possible way to stop plagiarism was to disable text selection and right click on my website.