YouTube Amazing Facts

on 27 January 2011

We all are very much familiar with Youtube, for those who don't know YouTube is a video-sharing website on which users can upload, share, and view videos. I am unveiling some of the most interesting and amazing facts about here.

  1. was founded by Steven Chen, Chad Harley and Jawed Karim, they were friends and were working for PayPal at the time.
  2. Youtube founders
  3. It was created in order for the friends to share video clips of a dinner party, which were too large to email.
  4. First video was posted on April 23,2005 by one of its founder Jawed Karim.
  5. First video was Me at Zoo and it was 18 seconds long, It has Karim and some elephants.
  6. Jawed Karim
  7. You tube Domain's Birthday is Valentine day (14 feb 2005).
  8. Google bought YouTube in November 2006 paid for which it paid $1.65 billion.
  9. More than 50% youtube users are 20 year older or younger.
  10. Country who posts as well as watches the most videos is United states.
  11. Most popular video on Youtube is Lady Gaga's Bad Romance, it has been viewed more than 423 million times.
  12. The most watched video non-commercial is “Charlie Bit My Finger” with currently 383 million views.
  13. 70% of youtube users are Americans.
  14. Country which posts most videos is United states and United Kingdom ranks second.
  15. Country which watches most videos is United states. Japan is second.
  16. 20% of Youtube videos are categorized as Music
  17. Average visitor spends 15 minutes everyday on YouTube.
  18. On an average 10 number of videos uploaded per second on youtube.
  19. You would need 1700 years to watch all videos present on youtube today.
  20. The longest Video ever on YouTube is 48 hours (2 days!).
  21. According to Alexa, It is 3rd most popular website in world.

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