Infolinks Review - In Text Advertising

on 14 January 2011

"Infolinks is a pay per click In Text Advertising with the most relevant contextual advertising links and the highest revenue share guaranteed." This is what they say. But is it really good? Let us check out it's review.



I have used InfoLinks for almost six months and this InfoLinks review is based upon my personal experience of using this service. You can share your experience by commenting below.


It is a less intrusive advertising that won’t distract users from your site’s content and it is relevant to your content. Infolinks will fetch related keywords from your website or blog and will show a double underline below. When someone mouse over it, the ad will appear and you will get paid if the person clicks on the advertisement.

You can show two type of ads:

  1. In-Text Ads
  2. Related Tag Ads


These are some of the features or advantages of infolinks:

  1. It is quick and easy to setup up.
  2. Ads are tightly integrated with your content - no additional space required.
  3. Free sign up with no commitments or risk.
  4. Because the advertisements are within the post InfoLinks ads tend to have a high click through rate.
  5. It can be used with other advertisement networks.


Although in-text advertising is a nice concept, Infolinks has disappointed many publishers. You have a high click through rate with InfoLinks, but the cost per click is much lower when compared to other advertisement networks like Google Adsense. I just removed their ads from my blog because they were just paying me 1-2 cents per 5 click. Isn't it ridiculous?

If you don't get much visitors from USA, then it is useless to publish their ads on your site because it will have very low pay rates.


Rahul said...

I cant see infolinks ads on your blog.

Akash Shastri said...

Yup I have removed it. Infolinks sucks. They are giving just 1 cent per 2-3 clicks. Ridiculous! Even adbrite is better than infolinks.

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