Check When Website Last Updated

on 10 January 2011

It can be very useful for us to know when the website was last updated, that is whether new posts are posted or content of the page is updated. We can find webpage's recently updated date and time with a simple trick.

Many times we come across websites or blogs where the dates of the posts are not displayed or made hidden so that a person doesn’t come to know when that page was last modified. In such cases we can use this trick which uses JavaScript to find when was the page updated:

  1. Open the webpage for which you want to know the last updated time, for eg:,, etc
  2. Go to address bar where you type the website address.
  3. Copy and paste this java script code on the address bar:
  4. You will get a Message Box with last modified date and time.
  5. Done

This is tested and working in browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari

Note: Sometimes when you paste this JavaScript code, the "javascript:" gets stripped out in some browsers like Google Chrome and when you press Enter it takes you to search results instead of showing you the updated date and time. If this happens with you can retype that manually.

This is a guest post by Akash Padhiyar which was updated by Akash Shastri on 24th Oct 2011. You can also contribute and write guest article on this blog.


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