Google Gravity

on 01 January 2011

Google Gravity is a super cool Google Chrome experiment. Initially a normal Google home page is loaded and then suddenly the elements are pulled down by gravity and you can start tossing them around!

This only works 100% in Google Chrome. If you run the page on Firefox, you won’t get the satisfaction of tossing the elements around!

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James said...

You can also follow the following tips:

2)Make sure that Google Instant is off.
3)Type "Google Gravity" into the search box.
4)Click on I’m Feeling Lucky button.

Akash said...

@James Thanks for the tip.
Actually Clicking on I am feeling lucky button takes us to the first webpage in google search result. Here it takes us to which is the google gravity page!

The other alternative which is in HTML 5 is

Anonymous said...

Gravity amazing gravity !

Anonymous said...

This is cool, but google chrome blows

Anonymous said...


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