45 C Language Programs List for Exam Preparation

on 30 January 2011

These are the programs which are very likely to come in practical examinations. This a very useful list of C language program examples for practice(Exam Preparation) as it covers most of the C language syllabus. Its very helpful for students pursuing BCA, MCA, MSC(IT), CE, Computer Science, B.Tech(IT) etc.

See code of the c programs given below. Although it is not given with output, you can check the program's output by compiling it.

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This is a collection of 45 questions of C Programs which can most probably come in exams.

  1. Program to find area and circumference of circle.
  2. Program to find the simple interest.
  3. Program to convert temperature from degree centigrade to Fahrenheit.
  4. Program to calculate sum of 5 subjects & find percentage.
  5. Program to show swap of two no’s without using third variable.
  6. Program to reverse a given number.
  7. Program to find gross salary.
  8. Program to print a table of any number.
  9. Program to find greatest in 3 numbers.
  10. Program to show the use of conditional operator.
  11. Program to find that entered year is leap year or not.
  12. Program to find whether given no is even or odd.
  13. Program to shift inputed data by two bits to the left.
  14. Program to use switch statement. Display Monday to Sunday.
  15. Program to display arithmetic operator using switch case.
  16. Program to display first 10 natural no & their sum.
  17. Program to print stars Sequence1.

  1. Program to print stars Sequence2.

  1. Program to print star Sequences3.

  1. Program to print Fibonacci series up to 100.
  2. Program to find factorial of a number.
  3. Program to find whether given no is a prime no or not.
  4. Program to display sum of series 1+1/2+1/3+……….+1/n.
  5. Program to display series and find sum of 1+3+5+……..+n.
  6. Program to use bitwise AND operator between the two integers.
  7. Program to add two number using pointer.
  8. Program to show sum of 10 elements of array & show the average.
  9. Program to find the maximum no in an array.
  10. Program to display matrix.
  11. Program to find sum of two matrices.
  12. Program to find subtraction of two matrices.
  13. Program to find multiplication of two matrices.
  14. Program to find transpose of a matrix.
  15. Program to find the maximum number in array using pointer.
  16. Program to reverse a number using pointer.
  17. Program to show input and output of a string.
  18. Program to find square of a number using functions.
  19. Program to swap two numbers using functions.
  20. Program to find factorial of a number using functions.
  21. Program to show table of a number using functions.
  22. Program to show call by value.
  23. Program to show call by reference.
  24. Program to find largest of two numbers using functions.
  25. Program to find factorial of a number using recursion.
  26. Program to find whether a string is palindrome or not.


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int i;
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