Disadvantages Of Disabling Text Selection And Right Click

on 08 January 2011

Previously I wrote an article: Disable text selection and right click using JavaScript Code. But I hate websites or blogs with right click and text selection disabled. It really sucks. The only intention of a webmaster to disable text selection and right click is to avoid the content of their website or blog getting copied. But this can do more harm then good to your website or blog!

Limitations or disadvantages of disabling text selection and right click are as follows:

  1. Users cannot open a link in new tab or window. This irritates them a lot.
  2. Doing this does not assure that your content is safe from copycats. Experts can copy your content from your webpage source.
  3. If a user finds a useful link, they cant copy it and share it . Thus your site looses potential visitors.
  4. It creates problems with some browsers like Mozilla Firefox. Text selection blocking javascript code in mozilla prevents click on the text boxes. Means users will not be able to click on the search box, contact form textbox etc.
  5. Conclusion: The users will not like your site even if your content is very good and you will loose lot of traffic on your website or blog.


Suzanne said...

Good points. I found your site due to a discussion about a plagiarist who is stealing people's writing on Cold Iron David Boyer-Plagiarist

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