How to Create a Folder Without Name

on 06 September 2010

You must be thinking that what is a big deal in creating a nameless folder. Try to create a folder without name in windows operating system and check whether you succeeded or not. No you wont be able to make it because windows will automatically give it a name i.e.New folder.

new folder windows 7

I will show you how to create a folder without name. This trick is checked and works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

There are two ways to create a folder without name

First Trick

  1. Create a New Folder
  2. Right Click on the folder and select Rename.
  3. Pressing the Alt key, type 0160 (using the numeric keypad).
  4. Press Enter and that the folder will become nameless!
Folder without name

You can also use the following trick to make a folder without name.

Second Trick

  1. Create a new folder & select rename.
  2. Now press the delete key.
  3. While keeping Alt key pressed, press numeric keypad number 9 for 8 times and press enter. You will notice that folder has become nameless.


Kavan Pancholi said...

Hey, We can also do it with ALT + 0160.

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