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on 06 September 2011

About two months ago I was just reading my computer textbook (one of the things which i do quite rarely) and the word "Artificial Intelligence" gained my attention. The topic was about Generations of Computer. Before I get into the main subject, I would like to mention the 5 generations of computer.

They are as follows:

  1. First Generation (1940-1956) - Vacuum Tubes
  2. Second Generation (1956-1963) - Transistors
  3. Third Generation (1964-1971) - Integrated Circuits
  4. Fourth Generation (1971-Present) - Microprocessors
  5. Fifth Generation (Future) - Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

It's enough of fourth generation now. So I decided to work on Artificial Intelligence.

What is Artificial Intelligence(AI)?
I won't start with "It's not a rocket science" because indeed it's more complicated than rocket science. Well, Artificial Intelligence is something about "Making a machine or a computer (a non-living thing) think and act like Humans”.

How can we make computers think?
This was also the question which I often asked myself. The answer is simple. By making computers understand our language (language processing). It's the prerequisite for AI.

You should be knowing that computers can only understand Machine Level Language or simply I must say Binary (i.e 0 and 1). To make programming easier Assembly Language was introduced. Men were not satisfied with even that as it also required knowledge about various op-codes and hardware. To make life easier men introduced Higher Level Languages. Thanks to Dennis Ritchie for inventing C Language. Similarly to make life easier we shifted to GUI (Graphical User Interface) from the CLI (Command Line Interface). Now to make life not just easier but also amazing it’s time to shift to Human Language Interface (HLI). The term "Human Language Interface" came in my mind a month back & I decided to create a whole new interface for computers. But I am not alone to work on such projects, computer experts are working on on similar projects and they call it Natural Language Interface (NLI) or Computational linguistics. I don't find people using this term HLI on the internet but I can't call myself the person who coined the term "Human language Interface" as I found a person named Matthias Felleisen using this term. Anyways, I don't care about person who coined this term. I just care about doing my project work.

Braina - Human Language Interface is the project on which I am working. The main goal of this project is to make computer understand the human language. As English is an international language, I am using it for HLI so that most of the people in the world can get benefited by it.

Braina Human Language Interface HLI

According to wikipedia: Natural Language User Interfaces (LUI) are a type of computer human interface where linguistic phenomena such as verbs, phrases and clauses act as UI controls for creating, selecting and modifying data in software applications. They also say Computational linguistics draws upon the involvement of linguists, computer scientists, experts in artificial intelligence, mathematicians, logicians, philosophers, cognitive scientists, cognitive psychologists, psycholinguists, anthropologists and neuro-scientists. Well, for your information, I am none of the above. Ha ha. Anyways aim of Braina project it to make user control computer in their own language without the use of any commands. First of all programs will be developed which can be used to chat with the computer and after its success it will be integrated with the speech recognition technology.

Other aim of Braina project is to make computers feel. Yes, I am talking about emotions. You might be thinking that a non-living thing can't have emotions. But ask yourself what are emotions. Emotions are nothing but a state of mind deriving from one's circumstances, mood, events, relationships with others. Why do you feel angry when someone abuses you or something happens which you never wanted to happen? Because your brain is programmed to respond in such way when specific circumstances occur. Making computers feel is nothing but Event oriented programming. But the difficult part of it is we have to take care about millions of such events and combinations of circumstances which a programmer would be afraid of and make the computer learn new things on occurrence of such events.

Please support us by liking our Official Facebook Page of Human Language Interface Project - HLI. It's revolution time. My last words: "We won't be able to ever make a computer as intelligent as human brain because God is the ultimate programmer (who created us) but we should try to make it as similar as possible to Human Brain for the betterment of human race."


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