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on 22 June 2012

We know that regular computer users are prone to several health risks. I have already written an article on health tips for computer users. Though most of the tips are easy to follow many users do not remember to take a break. Especially the programmers or geeks are so passionate that they get lost in their computer world and thus they become a victim of computer related illness such as back-pain. So to help them remind that they don't have to remain stick to the chair, I have developed a small program.

health care software

The program reminds us to take a break after a particular time interval. The software Health Care 1.0 can also be used as a reminder program. I have also made the code open source. You can download the software and it's source code for free using following links:

Download Health Care 1.0 for Windows OS(32 bit)


Download Health Care Source Code(VB.NET)

HealthCare 1.0 source code


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