Google PageRank is Not Important

on 11 December 2011

When it comes to SEO, everyone starts talking about Google Page-rank. High Pagerank is a dream of every blogger. This blog has a page rank 1 since a long time. I was too desperate to get a higher pagerank in the previous Google PageRank update but it remained the same. I tried everything from writing guest posts to commenting on high page-rank blogs but everything was in vain.

I was lost in the Search Engine Optimization world performing various experiments to get better rank and high traffic. I never cared about creating new content. Later I understood that content is the king. How can I expect a high pagerank for a blog with just 65 posts? And now I don't care about Google Pagerank or Alexa traffic rank. All I care is about providing high quality content and user satisfaction.

One of my quote is:

I don't care about the marks I get in exams, I care about the marks which my conscience gives to me.

I don't care about marks I get in exams and similarly I don't care about rank which Google gives to my blog. I will be happy only when my conscience is satisfied with my blog. That will be a real rank anyone can give me or my blog.

I wont go any more deeper in philosophical aspects. Let us see why Google pagerank is not important.

Why PageRank is Not So Important?

PR is important but not more than your content. Actually PR is an over-hyped thing. I have seen blogs receiving thousands of visitors per day with PR0. Unless you have quality and enough content, both PR and Alexa rank are useless. Because only with quality content you get lifetime quality loyal visitors.

Pagerank relies on back-links and it is obvious that your blog will get linked if you provide quality content and if the users find the content useful. There is no need for an extra effort to get a pagerank. Instead of spending the time in improving your PR, you should create useful content for the users. You will get all the Google juice automatically.

Also Matt Cutts, a famous Google software engineer has said in the following video that content is more Important than PageRank. He advices not to be obsessed about PR and instead give attention to stuffs like conversion rates, speed optimization and how to make a blog effective.


Anonymous said...

Your site rank is decreasing like a crashed poorly made hand glider. Cut the shit like these posts and Help yourself.

Akash said...

@anonymous Yes its decreasing and I don't care. Check date of this post. Its 3 years old. I am into some big things and don't have time to maintain this blog. Thanks for your suggestion.

Anonymous said...

Ok, felt good to read this. Remove all three comments and all the best for your future and career.

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