Best antivirus and firewall software combination for your computer

on 31 March 2012

You might have installed some antivirus on your PC. Nowadays everyone do that to ensure safety from increasing threats from viruses, malwares and hackers. But do antiviruses really protect your computer from such threats which are increasing day by day. Yes, they do ensure a certain amount of safety but not the level of safety which your computer really needs.

Thousands of new viruses and spywares are created daily. Only few of them which have a quite large spread out gets detected while other lesser known ones can easily bypass most of the antivirus available in the market. It means that they are fully undetectable (FUD) by the antiviruses. A key-logger which I developed before 1.5 years is still not detected by any of the antivirus out there! (Of course I am an ethical hacker)

To protect your computer you can’t just depend on antivirus, you also need a firewall. A firewall is software which permits or denies network transmissions based upon a set of rules and is used to protect networks from unauthorized access while permitting only the legitimate communications to pass. Microsoft provides the in-built Windows firewall but it is good for nothing. It can be bypassed easily by a small registry hack. To ensure the optimum protection you need the best antivirus and firewall combination which works harmoniously. The best combination is important as sometimes a bad combination of antivirus and firewall can do more harm than good by slowing down your system and by being an obstacle in each others work. A hardware firewall is also available but you don’t require it unless you have a big organization.

No virus and no hackers

Which is a good antivirus?

The antivirus which has the highest detection rates, which does not slows down your system, which has the least false-positive and has faster scan speed can be considered as a good antivirus software.

Which is a good firewall?

A good firewall software is one which does not slow down your internet, has sophisticated filtering techniques, VPN gateway facility, Sandbox etc.

Which is the best antivirus – firewall combination?

I have used and checked more than a dozen antivirus and firewall before coming to the conclusion. I have kept all the features and the speed factor in mind while judging the best combination. I also checked them on both Windows XP and Windows 7 OS.

List of antivirus I checked:

  1. Kaspersky Anti-Virus
  2. BitDefender Antivirus
  3. Trend Micro
  4. Microsoft Security Essentials
  5. Norton Antivirus/ Internet Security
  6. McAfee Antivirus
  7. ESET NOD32 Antivirus
  8. Quickheal Antivirus
  9. AVG Antivirus
  10. Avast
  11. Avira

List of firewalls I checked:

  1. Zonealarm Firewall
  2. Online Armor Free
  3. Comodo Firewall
  4. PrivateFirewall

And the best combination I found was Microsoft Security Essentials And Comodo Firewall. Both of them are freeware. The only prerequisite of installing Microsoft security essentials is that you should be running a genuine Windows on your PC.

Hope you will feel more secure using them. You would also like to check how can you prevent your email from getting hacked.


PK Mehta said...

How to configure the firewall. I remember installing comodo a year or so ago. It tend to block each and every software trying to access the internet.

Anonymous said...

Micrsoft Essentials ..Its Gud For Common Malwares...But For Sophisticated Malwares it Fails...Thats Why other Commercial AVs Exist ...And About Keylogger Gone Undetected ...It May be because You Never Realy spread it...Detecting Keylogger is not that difficult..Try to Get into Details How Realy Modren AV works and Malware Works(yep they are more than keyloggers)...and if Windows firewall can be bypassed by just changing registry then other firewalls too can be easily bypassed by injecting it into other Application Like IE.

You Just can't make decision on the basis the Messages Shown by your AV that "Malware Detected"..DO some kind of testing before posting baseless results

Clarke said...

Yeah.. Microsoft Security Essentials is the best. Other AV sucks.

Akash said...

@PK Mehta
Comodo firewall has various security levels like training mode, safe mode , custom policy etc. Choose the best mode which suits you. Moreover it also has a game mode which would help. You can also set various applications you trust. Also if you allow an app to connect to internet when it asks you, it will remember the answer and never ask again when the app tries to connect.

Thanks for your intellectual views. Yes, MSE don't detect very advanced malwares and also it is not updated frequently compared to other AVs but when you keep that speed factor in mind, it is the only winner I can find. Also this article was not for the best antivirus, it was for best antivirus - firewall combination which works harmoniously as a pair.
And the injection technique you mentioned won't work as advanced firewall also detects that. Yes, they can be bypassed using some techniques but I won't like to share them here.

Anonymous said...

OOPS ,your Firewall Detects Process Injection :D(Then what your AV do)...and Yes AV(not Firewall) Detect it ..You just need to implement it in little diffrent way...Thats How Every Malware like Zeus /SpyEye Works..If You Invent Something New then Kindly Share ...I Love to Check it Out ....

Akash said...

I meant that injecting malwares into other applications won't work as firewall will detect when they are trying to connect to the internet. This will only work if the victim is not a geek and allows the app to connect thinking it as trusted. But in my case I have to hack the hackers. So ethical hackers have to remain one step ahead then them.

Fernanda Panda said...

I use ZenOK Free antivirus plus ZoneAlarm Free Firewall 2010, I feel pretty much secured with it. it has keept my Pc cleaned

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