My mistake of not buying a domain name affected this blog heavily

on 21 March 2012

We know that Google is now redirecting blogger blogs to country specific domains. That is if someone opens in India, it will be automatically redirected to

This move by Google without providing any notice to it's users has proved that free thing is a free thing. A free thing can't compete with a premium paid thing. I am completely dependent on blogger because I don't own the domain Google owns it. They can redirect this blog as per their wish and if they want they can also delete it’s content. In fact, nothing is free in this world.

My mistake of not buying a domain name affected this blog heavily. I planned of buying the domain name for this blog but due to my carelessness towards this blog somebody else bought it. I never gave attention to this blog due to my exams and now this blog’s traffic has got a big fall. It received around 3000-5000 pageviews per day and now it just receives 400-500 pageviews per day.

I am now afraid to spend much time writing articles for this blog because of lack of security. After all I don’t own it! Instead I am spending more time to improve my new site which has niche of computer terminologies.


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