Shortcut Keys for Visual Basic .NET

on 13 November 2012

Here is a big range of shortcut keys you can use in Visual Basic.NET editor for quickly performing routine tasks. These shortcut keys for VB.NET works in Visual Studio 2005, 2008 and 2010. Though I have tried to make the keyboard shortcut list as accurate as possible, suggestions for additions and corrections are welcome.

Shortcut Key SequenceBehavior
Ctrl + NOpens the new project Dialog box.
Ctrl + Shift + OOpens the Open project Dialog box.
Ctrl + Shift + AOpens Add New Item window.
Ctrl + DOpens Add Exiting Item window.
Ctrl + SSaves current Form.
Ctrl + ZUndo
Ctrl + Shift + Z
Ctrl + Y
Ctrl + C
Ctrl + Insert
Ctrl + X
Shift + Delete
Ctrl + V
Shift + Insert
Ctrl + ASelect All
Ctrl + POpens the Print dialog box.
DelDeletes Your Selection.
Ctrl + Shift + SSaves Everything from Application.
Ctrl + Shift + HOpens Replace in files window.
Alt+ F12Open Find Symbol Window.
Ctrl + ROpens the Solution Explorer window.
Ctrl + Alt + SOpens the Server Explorer window.
Ctrl + Shift + COpens the Class View window.
Ctrl + Shift + EOpens the Resource view window.
Ctrl + Alt + XOpens the Toolbar window.
Ctrl + F1Opens Dynamic Help window.
Ctrl + F5Runs your Application without Debugging.
Ctrl + Alt + TOpens Document Outline window.
Ctrl + Alt + KOpens task list window.
Ctrl + Alt + AOpens Command window.
Ctrl + Alt + OOpens Output window.
Ctrl + Alt + YOpens Find Symbol Result window.
Ctrl + Shift + BBuilds your project.
Ctrl + Alt + EOpens the Exception Dialog box.
Ctrl + BInserts New Breakpoint.
Ctrl + Shift + F9Clears All Breakpoint.
Ctrl + Alt + POpens the Process Dialog box.
Ctrl + TOpens Customize Toolbox window.
Ctrl + TabAllows you to switch between active files.
Ctrl + Shift + PRuns Temporary Macro.
Ctrl + Shift + RRecords Temporary Macro.
Ctrl + FOpens Find window.
Ctrl + HOpens Find and Replace window.
F2Opens Object Browser Window.
F4Opens the property Window.
F5Runs your Application.
F7Opens Code Designer Window.
F8Used While Debugging Application. Moves the cursor to the next item.
Alt + F8Opens Macro Explorer window.
Alt + F11Opens macros IDE.
Alt + QExits from Visual Studio.
Shift + F7Gets You back to design view.
Shift + F8Used While Debugging Application. Moves the cursor to the previous item.
Shift + Alt + EnterTakes you to full screen view.
Shift + F12Displays the reference of the selection in the code window.
EscRemoves the current selection, cancels the current operation or closes a dialog box.


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