The Graphical Command Line Interface (GCLI)

on 21 December 2012

Most of us use GUI (Graphical User Interface) to interact with computer as it is more user friendly compared to CLI (Command Line Interface). Users need a fairly deep understanding of the command syntax in order to feel comfortable with CLI. People may find the CLI confusing but it is the most powerful way to control a computer.

I did a research and found that though CLI is much more effective than GUI, a wide range of computer users would prefer to use GUI because it is intuitive. Though CLI is powerful it is missing the user friendliness of GUI and this made me develop a new human-computer interface named Graphical Command Line Interface (GCLI).

What is Graphical Command Line Interface (GCLI)?

GCLI is an interface which combines the features of both CLI and GUI. GCLI is both powerful and user-friendly. GCLI provides a set of features and programs which enables users to interact using a mouse with GUI components such as dialog boxes to get the output once they have pressed the return key after typing the command.

GCLI tends more to be like CLI as user still types commands. CLI has been in existence since the beginning of computing time and GCLI will make sure that it will not go away soon. GCLI may not be an acceptable replacement for GUI but it is a better alternative of CLI.

Features and Advantages

The following are some of the advantages of using GCLI:

  1. Makes interaction more precise and powerful than GUI.
  2. It is more intuitive than CLI as user types command in a GUI Window rather than a console or terminal.
  3. Has all the features of CLI.
  4. Commands are building blocks that can be glued together to create complex commands or custom scripts that are tailored to your needs. These commands may even represent GUI components such as dialog box. This means a script can be used to develop GUI applications.
  5. Availability of mouse makes things easier.
  6. GCLI usage is far less confusing than trying to describe a graphical interface.

To experience GCLI, you can try FireCMD. FireCMD is a software package containing a set of tools such as GCLI shell (command interpreter), console emulator, text editor and various other bundled programs.


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