Top 10 Highest Downloaded Android Apps

on 13 June 2013

Android is the world's most popular mobile platform with a share of almost 48% in smartphone OS market. Android users download more than 1.5 billion apps and games from Google Play each month! Lets check out the most popular and best top ten android apps of all time.

List of most downloaded Android applications

#1 Google Maps

Google Maps with downloads between 500,000,000 to 1,000,000,000 is on top of the list. Google Maps helps you to find directions to your destination.

Google maps Android app


  • Detailed maps with 3D buildings
  • Voice guided turn-by-turn GPS navigation
  • Driving, public transit, biking, and walking directions
  • Live traffic information to avoid congestion
  • Local search and business reviews
  • Google Maps Street View
  • Indoor maps for select airports, hotels, retail stores, and more

#2 Facebook

Being the most popular social networking site and with more than 100,000,000 installs, Facebook app is on second position without doubt.

Facebook App


  • See what friends are up to
  • Share updates, photos and videos
  • Get notified when friends like and comment on your posts
  • Text, chat and have group conversations
  • Play games and use your favorite apps

#3 WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging app which by using your internet connection allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS. It is free for the first year and $0.99 USD/year thereafter.

WhatsApp Messenger


  • Send Video, Images, and Voice notes to your friends and contacts
  • Group conversations with your contacts
  • No need to log in/out or remember usernames/pins
  • Share location, Exchange contacts, Custom wallpaper, Custom notification sounds, Landscape mode, Precise message time stamps, Email chat history, Broadcast messages and MMS to many contacts at once and much much more!

#4 Angry Birds

Being one of the most addictive games of all time, Angry Birds is at number 4 position.

Angry Birds Game

#5 YouTube

YouTube's official app allows you to keep up with your favorite YouTube channels and access the world’s videos anywhere.

YouTube App

#6 Skype

Skype allows free voice and video calls to anyone else on Skype, whether they’re on an Android, iPhone, Mac or PC, as well as IMs.

Skype App


  • Skype to Skype IMs, video and voice calls are free over 3G or WiFi
  • Make low-cost calls and SMS to mobiles or landlines from your Android smartphone or tablet
  • Send pictures, videos and files to any of your contacts
  • High-quality sound when you call anyone else on Skype
  • Talk face to face or show what you’re seeing with front and rear-facing cameras
  • Talk to your Windows Live Messenger friends on Skype

#7 Twitter

Official app of the world's most famous micro-blogging site Twitter.

Twitter Android App


  • Get real-time stories, pictures, videos, conversations, ideas, and inspiration all in your timeline.
  • Follow people and your interests to get unfiltered access and unique behind-the-scenes perspectives.
  • Express yourself with photos, videos and comments.

#8 Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is the free app for viewing and interacting with PDF documents across platforms and devices.

Adobe Reader


  • Quickly open PDF documents from email, the web, or any app that supports "Share"
  • View PDF Portfolios, password-protected PDFs, annotations, and drawing markups
  • Search text to find specific information
  • Select single page or continuous scroll modes
  • Easily zoom in on text or images for a closer view
  • Read in dark locations with comfort using Night Mode
  • Read long passages with Brightness Lock

#9 Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger allows you to chat with your Facebook friends.

Facebook Messenger


  • Keep chatting, even while you're using other apps
  • Tap a chat head to reply, drag them around or flick them down to close
  • Send voice messages
  • Start group conversation
  • Push notifications

#10 Gmail

Gmail official app which allows to access your email instantly via push notifications, read and respond to your conversations online & offline, and search and find any email.

Gmail android application


  • Manage multiple accounts
  • View and save attachments
  • Set up label notifications


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