Desktop Computer Advantages over Laptop

on 19 June 2013

We have seen advantages of a laptop over a desktop computer. In this post we are going to check benefits of a desktop PC over a laptop or notebook. Reading this will answer most of your questions such as: Which of the two types of computers is more convenient?, which type of computer you should buy? and which one is better?

Advantages of desktop computers over laptops are as follows:

  1. A desktop computer tends to be cheaper than a laptop computer of similar specification.
  2. A desktop computer usually has bigger monitor.
  3. A desktop computer is more easy to upgrade. There's more space for new PCI cards and IDE disks to fit into.
  4. Faulty accessories and components on a desktop are easy to replace, sometimes without even opening the case!
  5. The desktop computer has a more comfortable keyboard than a laptop.
  6. The desktop computer has a nice mouse. Though we can add such mouse in laptop too using USB port.
  7. A desktop computer doesn't get stolen very much compared to a laptop computer.
  8. Laptop is smaller and therefore more prone to damage.
  9. Replacement parts for laptops of some companies are not generic. You must get parts from the original manufacturer.

So the conclusion is: Desktop computer for Power and Laptop for Portability.


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