Disadvantages of Palmtop and PDA when compared with Desktop Computer

on 20 June 2013

A palmtop or PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) is a very small computer that can be hand-held and carried in the pocket. Palmtops feature a small LCD screen and a compresses keyboard. But compared to a desktop computer, palmtop has a limited scope.

Palmtops can be used to perform basic tasks. It offers personal organizer, diary, address list and calculator. Some models are programmable and can support file transfer to larger host computers.

Because of the small size, most palmtop computers do not include disk drives. However, many contain PCMCIA slots in which we can insert disk drives, modems, memory and other devices.

Major disadvantages of the palmtop computers are as follows:

  1. It has a very small screen, less memory and limited features compared to a desktop computer.
  2. They have less functionality than desktop computers.
  3. It's a small version of the desktop computers which can't run a full size operating system nor use a fast chip due to battery constraints.


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