Online Tool to Convert Webpage(HTML) into PDF Format

on 30 December 2010

You may be saving a webpage as a html file to read it offline. But instead of saving it as html, you can convert a webpage into pdf format. This can prove to be more effective way of viewing data offline.

html to pdf is an online tool to convert webpages into PDF(Portable Document Format) documents. It’s basically an online converter which could transform any websites to a PDF document. Generally it could be more useful if you want to print a website.

It is very simple to use this tool. Just enter the URL of the web page which you want to be converted and few seconds after that it is ready to be downloaded. The site is just an interface of the amazing wkhtmltopdf library.

webpage to pdf converter

Due to some reasons there are websites which are not converted correctly. This is because of HTTP headers which these sites restricting.


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