Characteristics of a Computer

on 13 November 2011

We know that computer is a electronic machine made up of hardware and software. Computer does not have a unit to think(like humans have brain) and thus they are not intelligent. Let us look in to the characteristics of a computer briefly.

Computer Characteristics

The main characteristics of a computer are as follows:

Human Effort

Computer behaves according to the program prepared by the programmer. It does not have brain of it's own and thus it will need human intervention to operate. Furthermore, it will only do things for which it is designed for.


Computers are extremely fast. Incredible speed is it's most important characteristics. Computers can perform millions of calculations or operations in a seconds. Thus we can imagine how speedily a computer performs a task.

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Accuracy and Reliability

The degree of accuracy of computer is very high and every calculation is performed with the same accuracy. Remember, computer never commits a mistake. The errors in computer are due to improper use by human or due to inaccurate input data. The term GIGO(Garbage In Garbage Out) suggests that we will get wrong output if we enter wrong input.


A computer has memory which can store large amount of data and information. It can store large data and instruction in its memory and retrieve these whenever they are needed during operation.

Consistency and Diligence

A computer never gets tired. Also it never gets bored and it is free from lack of concentration and fatigue. It can work for hours without creating any error. If millions of calculations are to be performed, a computer will perform each and every calculation with the same accuracy (which a human wont be able to do).

No Intelligence or Feelings

Computer is an inanimate object and as said earlier, it does not have any IQ. It cannot take decisions of its own. Computer is a dumb machine and it cannot do any work without getting instruction from the user. Moreover, it does not have any feelings or emotions. It never gets sad nor it becomes happy.

Although various developments are being done in the field of Artificial Intelligence to make the computer think and have emotions, it cant be exactly said when the fifth generation of computers(i.e Computers with Artificial Intelligence) will replace the current computer generation.


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